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Value Size Description
center 50pct Standard center position
left ,50pct Standard left position
right 100pct,50pct Standard right position
top 50pct, Standard top position
bottom 50pct,100pct Standard bottom position
topleft 0 Standard top left position
topright 100pct, Standard top right position
bottomleft ,100pct Standard bottom left position
bottomright 100pct Standard bottom right position
nearleft 4px,50pct Near left by 4 pixels
nearright 100pct-4px,50pct Near right by 4 pixels
neartop 50pct,4px Near top by 4 pixels
nearbottom 50pct,100pct-4px Near bottom by 4 pixels
Near Corners
neartopleft 4px Near top left by 4 pixels
neartopright 100pct-4px,4px Near top right by 4 pixels
nearbottomleft 4px,100pct-4px Near bottom left by 4 pixels
nearbottomright 100pct-4px Near bottom right by 4 pixels
centerleft 25pct,50pct Left of center
centerright 75pct,50pct Right of center
centertop 50pct,25pct Top of center
centerbottom 50pct,75pct Bottom of center
Center Corners
centertopleft 25pct Top left of center
centertopright 75pct, Top right of center
centerbottomleft ,75pct Bottom left of center
centerbottomright 75pct Bottom right of center
topleftright 25pct, Top left to the right
topleftbottom ,25pct Top left to the bottom
toprightleft 75pct, Top right to the left
toprightbottom 100pct,25pct Top right to the bottom
bottomleftright 25pct,100pct Bottom left to the right
bottomlefttop ,75pct Bottom left to the top
bottomrightleft 75pct,100pct Bottom right to the left
bottomrighttop 100pct,75pct Bottom right to the top
random 0~100pct Random based inside the image
centerrandom 25pct~50pct Random based on Center
leftrandom ,0~100pct Random based on Left
rightrandom 100pct,0~100pct Random based on Right
toprandom 0~100pct, Random based on Top
bottomrandom 0~100pct,100pct Random based on Bottom
totallyrandom -50pct~150pct Random based inside or outside by 50% of the image


Name Usage Description
Default [value] Sets value as default unit (originally "px")
Pixels [value]px Sets value as pixels
Percent [value]pct Sets value as percent
Inches [value]in Sets value as inches
Centimeters [value]cm Sets value as centimeters
Millimeters [value]mm Sets value as millimeters
Points [value]pt Sets value as points
Picas [value]pc Sets value as picas


Usage Description
Coordinates (,)
[value],[value] OR [value] Coordinate of X value by Y value
[value], Coordinate of X value by zero value of Y
,[value] Coordinate of zero value of X by Y value
Adding (+)
[value]+[value] Add value to value
Subtracting (-)
[value]-[value] Subtract value from value
Multiplying (*)
[value]*[value] Multiply value by value
Dividing (/)
[value]/[value] Divide value by value
Randomizing (~)
[value]~[value] Randomize value through value
[value]~ Randomize value through size