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Value Size Specification Description
medium @320px None Based on the Quarter VGA width
small @160px None Based on the Quarter VGA width minimized to 50% percent
large @640px None Based on the Quarter VGA width maximized to 200% percent
xsmall @80px None Based on the Quarter VGA width minimized to 25% percent
xlarge @1280px None Based on the Quarter VGA width maximized to 400% percent
Smaller and Larger
smaller 50pct None Size minimized to 50% percent
larger 200pct None Size maximized to 200% percent
xsmaller 25pct None Size minimized to 25% percent
xlarger 400pct None Size maximized to 400% percent
smallest 1px None Maximum small of 1 pixel
largest 1280px None Maximum large of 1,638,400 pixels
Thin and Wide
thin 50pct, None Width minimized to 50% percent
wide 200pct, None Width maximized to 200% percent
xthin 25pct, None Width minimized to 25% percent
xwide 400pct, None Width maximized to 400% percent
Flat and Tall
flat ,50pct None Height minimized to 50% percent
tall ,200pct None Height maximized to 200% percent
xflat ,25pct None Height minimized to 25% percent
xtall ,400pct None Height maximized to 400% percent
thumb @128px None Popularly used standard thumbnail
mediumthumb @96px None Commonly used medium thumbnail
smallthumb @72px None Commonly used small thumbnail
xsmallthumb @64px None Commonly used x-small thumbnail
xlargethumb @256px None Rarely used x-large thumbnail
icon @16px None Popularly used standard icon
mediumicon @24px None Commonly used medium icon
largeicon @32px None Popularly used large icon
xsmallicon @8px None Rarely used x-small icon
xlargeicon @48px None Popularly used x-large icon
wallpaper 1024px,768px VESA (XGA) Popularly used standard wallpaper
mediumwallpaper 800px,600px VESA (SVGA) Popularly used medium wallpaper
smallwallpaper 640px,480px VESA (VGA) Rarely used small wallpaper
xlargewallpaper 1280px,1024px VESA (SXGA) Commonly used x-large wallpaper
banner 468px,60px IAB (Full Banner) Standard banner
smallbanner 234px,60px IAB (Half Banner) Half the width of a standard banner
largebanner 600px,120px None Comparable to standard skyscraper reversed
leaderboard 728px,90px IAB Standard leaderboard
button 88px,31px IAB (Micro Bar) Popularly used standard button
smallbutton 80px,15px None Commonly used small button
largebutton 120px,60px IAB (Button 2) Popularly used large button
xsmallbutton 36px,14px None Rarely used x-small button
xlargebutton 180px,60px None Rarely used x-large button
rectanglebutton 120px,90px IAB (Button 1) Somewhat comparable to a small rectangle
squarebutton 125px IAB Comparable to a small square
skyscraper 120px,600px IAB Standard skyscraper
wideskyscraper 160px,600px IAB Widened standard skyscraper
xwideskyscraper 300px,600px IAB (Half Page Ad) Comparable to a largely widened, standard skyscraper
verticalbanner 120px,240px IAB Standard vertical banner
verticalrectangle 240px,400px IAB Standard vertical rectangle
Rectangles and Squares
rectangle 180px,150px IAB Standard rectangle
mediumrectangle 300px,250px IAB Standard medium rectangle
largerectangle 336px,280px IAB Standard large rectangle
square 250px IAB (Square Pop-Up) Standard square
largesquare 375px None Assumed large square
avatar @100px None Popularly used standard avatar
smallavatar @50px None Commonly used small avatar
largeavatar @150px None Commonly used large avatar
xsmallavatar @25px None Rarely used x-small avatar
xlargeavatar @200px None Rarely used x-large avatar
mobile 128px None Popularly used standard mobile
mediummobile 128px,160px None Commonly used medium mobile
smallmobile 101px,80px None Rarely used small mobile
largemobile 176px,220px None Commonly used large mobile
smartphone 240px,320px None Popularly used standard Smartphone
Digital Video
dvd 720px,480px Electronics industry Digital VideoDisc / Digital Versatile Disc (NTSC)
dvdpal 720px,576px Electronics industry Digital VideoDisc / Digital Versatile Disc (PAL)
vcd 352px,240px Electronics industry Video CD (NTSC)
vcdpal 352px,288px Electronics industry Video CD (PAL)
svcd 480px Electronics industry Super Video CD (NTSC)
svcdpal 480px,576px Electronics industry Super Video CD (PAL)
hdv 1280px,720px Electronics industry High Definition Video (minimum resolution) - used by HDTV, HD DVD, and Blu-ray
splash 760px,420px None Based on the term "Splash Page"
splish 760px, None Splash width
splosh ,420px None Splash height
websafe ^760px,^420px None Focused on the user-friendly maximum in Web browsers
random 1px~ None Random based on the image
mediumrandom 161px~320px None Random based on Medium
smallrandom 81px~160px None Random based on Small
largerandom 321px~640px None Random based on Large
xsmallrandom 1px~80px None Random based on X-Small
xlargerandom 641px~1280px None Random based on X-Large
totallyrandom 1px~1280px None As name implies, but restricted to 1,638,400 pixels


Name Usage Description
Default [value] Sets value as default unit (originally "px")
Pixels [value]px Sets value as pixels
Percent [value]pct Sets value as percent
Inches [value]in Sets value as inches
Centimeters [value]cm Sets value as centimeters
Millimeters [value]mm Sets value as millimeters
Points [value]pt Sets value as points
Picas [value]pc Sets value as picas


Usage Description
Dimensions (,)
[value],[value] OR [value] Dimension of width value by height value
[value], Dimension of width value by size height
,[value] Dimension of size width by height value
Adding (+)
+[value] Add value to size
[value]+[value] Add value to value
[value]+ Add size to value
Subtracting (-)
-[value] Subtract value from size
[value]-[value] Subtract value from value
[value]- Subtract size from value
Multiplying (*)
*[value] Multiply size by value
[value]*[value] Multiply value by value
[value]* Multiply value by size
Dividing (/)
/[value] Divide size by value
[value]/[value] Divide value by value
[value]/ Divide value by size
Randomizing (~)
~[value] Randomize 1 through value
[value]~[value] Randomize value through value
[value]~ Randomize value through size
Constraining (@)
@[value] Constrain proportions of size at value
[value]@ Constrain proportions of size at value in reverse
Limiting (^)
^[value] Limit size to value or less
[value]^ Limit size to value or greater