User Documentation: Variables

This is a list of variables - detailing their purpose - that you may wish to use along with the functions in the class, or any informational use.

Variable Type Description
$vif_config array Configuration settings
$vif->name string Name of this software
$vif->version string Version of this software
$vif->author string Author of this software
$vif->website string Official Web site of this software
$vif->authorwebsite string Official Web site of the author of this software
$vif->copyright string Copyright year(s) of this software
$vif->processor string Processor set for image
$vif->processors array Known good processors that have been already checked, so they don't have to be rechecked
$vif->image string File path of image
$vif->validimage bool Validation of image
$vif->resource resource Resource of manipulated image for gd and magickwand processors
$vif->command string System command-line input for imagemagick processor
$vif->format string Format set for image
$vif->jpgquality int JPG quality set for image
$vif->getformat string Format of image
$vif->mimetypes array Supported image MIME types
$vif->frame int Frame set for image
$vif->coalesce bool Coalesce set for image
$vif->resolution int Resolution set for image
$vif->expire string Browser expiration time set for image
$vif->pixellimit int Pixel limit set for image
$vif->size array Size set for image
$vif->getsize array Size of image
$vif->oldsize array Old size of image
$vif->byteunits array Byte units
$vif->bytepower int Byte power
$vif->demologin array Demo login - used for demo mode