User Documentation: Examples: Marking

Example Code
HTML <img alt="My marked image" src="?image=images/plain.jpg&mark=images/spot.png|[position]|50" />
PHP <?php
$vif->mark("images/spot.png", "[position]", "50");
Example Images
Processed Image Original Image
Basic Marking "23,50" (X and Y offsets)
Use Preset "topleft" (Positions to top left corner)
Let's Use Another Preset: "neartopleft" (Positions to top left corner with 4 pixels of spacing)
Let's Do One More Preset: "centertopleft" (Positions to top left corner of center area) View all 40 mark presets listed here
Set Identical X and Y Offsets "84" or "84,84"
Use Negative Positioning "-12"
Mark by Unit "1in" (1 inch)
Mark by Another Unit "45pct" (45% percent)
Mark by Yet Another Unit... And Another Unit "3cm,30mm" (3 centimeters by 30 milimeters) View all 8 mark units listed here
Do Some Adding "100pct+10" (Positioned at 100% percent plus 10)
Or Do Some Subtraction... And Multiplication, Too "100-1in,1cm*2.2" (X: 100 subtracted by 1 inch / Y: 1 centimeter multiplied by 2.2)
Or Even Better, Randomizing "40~80" (Randomize 40 through 80) View all 6 mark calculations listed here
And You Can Mark and Mark Again (Marked at top left and marked again at bottom right)


Processed Image Original Image
GIF Animation
PNG 24